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10 Couples on 10.10.10

On probably one of the most popular wedding dates of 2010, I was covering a very unique wedding ceremony. Unique not because there were 10 couples on that date but because all of them are already married. The oldest couple had been married 37 years and the youngest couple, just nine.

It, was however, a marriage vow renewal and blessing ceremony. The page boys and girls were the some of the couples’ children and so were the special song performances. It was a touching and special way to declare your continuing commitment to your spouse before family and friends. With many marriages breaking up before even the fifth anniversary, it’s good to see these couples renew their vows.

It was interesting to see the ten couples walk down the aisle — no fathers’ giving away the brides anymore and no veils either. I do admire the effort taken to get all made-up and all the wedding dresses again! Overall, it did look like a large mass wedding! Thoroughly fun and the oldest couple, Robert and Jenny Mah were absolutely fabulous and he was giving her a bend over kiss!

The light the church, I had three 580EX IIs and RadioPoppers. For the group shots, I had a master 580EX and two slave 580EX IIs firing into reflective umbrellas. Again, my RadioPoppers provided wireless ETTL.

Irnny & Af’fan

In what was probably the coolest and best themed wedding (Pink Gothic!) that we’ve shot this year, Irnny & Af’fan, thanks for the honor and privilege to be part of your big day. We started off with a big dinner before the Akad Nikah ceremony at Irnny’s home in Seremban. Af’fan showed his loving and gentle spirit when he shed some tears reciting his vows and responsibilities. This guy takes this very seriously and I’m sure they’ll be a wonderful couple. I’ve never seen a pelamin covered with fresh roses before. The bersanding ceremony was held at 1388 Seremban Golf and Country club and the Pink Gothic theme was equally well executed.

Choon Mei and Heng Loon

Despite the heavy rain the that drenched Petaling Jaya, it was a genuinely warm and joyful inside SS2 Tai Thong Restaurant. It was also very dry! Choon Mei and Heng Loon don’t even look troubled as guests trickled in slowly and running late. They took the time to warmly greet and catch up with many friends and family that arrived. Today was just a simple dinner to celebrate their marriage and the big day is to happen a week later in Penang where Heng Loon is from. From the enthusiasm of the couple and the guests, it looks like one super big party! Yes, everyone had a great time and so did we!

Wilayne & David – Ipoh Big Day

While the rest of Malaysia was Celebrating Independence day (or Merdeka), Wilayne and David were doing the opposite — they were getting married! Although road closures in downtown Ipoh caused some delays, everything still went very well, from the action packed Bride pickup and negotiation at the Syuen Hotel in Ipoh, back to David’s place and then back to Syuen for the dinner. During the afternoon, we took about an hour and dropped by the nearby Ling Sen Tong (Lime stone caves) for a fun shoot that resulted in a cool set of photos. Just to show you don’t need a lot of time to get great shots. It was the first time I was there too so it doesn’t mean that an unfamiliar place means poor photos!

Ipoh Wedding – The day after…

What do you do when you just finished a late night wedding shoot the day before and you awake in a hotel in Ipoh? Go for dim sum breakfast that’s what! And followed by sweet tau-foo-far dessert after that!

Wilayne & David Wedding Celebration Dinner

Good weather held for a fun-filled pool-side buffet to celebrate Wilayne & David coming together as a couple… but maybe, just a little too much good weather as in a scorching afternoon sun resulted in a little too much warmth. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled event and there were lots of times where it became more than low-light, it was closer to no light.