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WA work in progress

Have been working on reworking many of WebAperture’s functionality. Here, the Album Admin functions get redesigned… Of course just a single image – don’t want to reveal too much but more importantly, I am going to circulate among some key members for their feedback in terms of usability.

WA Ajaxified!

I’ve been neglecting WebAperture for a bit but recently, a whole slew of changes and modifications have been deployed. For one thing, several functions and areas are now using the new fangled jargon of the web, “Web 2.0” or AJAX which allows a rich client functionality and doesn’t feel so disconnected. Most apparent to most will be the new Photographer’s Portraits options plus the new ShowImage. ShowImage is WA’s photo viewer and now at version 12.0, it has been significantly streamlined and enriched.

More features to come!

Busy, busy.

Sorry for the lack of updates… it’s been a terribly busy week and I’ve got no inspiration to write anything. If you are interested in Digital workflow however, I’ve released my long-in-gestation article which is basically how I used Breeze Systems‘ Breeze Browser and Downloader Pro while I was in WA, you can go here.

However, with the new features in WebAperture I’m building plus the aftermath of the migration to deal with plus an increasing workload… it’s a bit tough to think of something to write here.

DNS migration taking forever!

For some strange reason, the DNS migration is taking much, much longer than I expect. Oh well. If you can’t get the new server with, then try just!

WebAperture Migration

Well, it’s happening now… hope everything goes as plan!
Logins have been stopped, rsync is chugging away… and the database is being backed up!