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TTDI Ramadan Bazaar

The muslim fasting month of Ramadan in Malaysia brings out an interesting activity usually called the Ramadan Bazaar in many cities in Malaysia.

One of the biggest feature of this bazaar is the wide array and choice of food. In some cases, the food is rather poor but in others, the food’s rather nice. Of course you can’t compare with home cooked food but some of the stalls are pretty good. The past of couple years has seen us visiting several bazaars around town. This was our first time to the bazaar in Taman Tun and I must say it was the best bazaar yet for us (food-wise). We went on a Saturday evening which we had the good fortune of some nice weather. Browsing stalls with charcoal grills, boiling woks, pots and all sorts of heat producing equipment in the hot tropical sun at five o’clock is no fun. We had overcast skies, cool weather thanks to the rain that stopped by four and a good strong breeze. Best time to go is about five as the stalls would already have been setup and you avoid the last minute crowd at six in the evening. We spent over fifty-plus ringgit and bagged ourselves ayam percik, roti jala, satay, murtabak and more.