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Federal Highway snarl

For some reason, the last two days, traffic is terrible on the Federal highway. I know it rained this morning and that makes for a long commute. Still unpacking and tired from the move. Probably takes a couple of weeks to recover!

Hurricane or just plain monsoon rains?

This is where you love it that your under-powered, turbo-diesel guzzler is pure mechanical. No fancy ECUs, no electronic fuel-injection, no funky stuff. Just mechanical goodness. Everybody knows – electronics and water don’t mix. An air intake sitting three feet off the ground also helps. Sorry about the blurry photos – it’s hard to be fording a two-foot deep raging river with swift currents, err, I mean Jalanraya and take good photos at the same time. Safety first!

About to go left 🙂

Was at Tech-Ed SEA

I really forgot how bad KL traffic at 7;30am was and is! Have been spending the last four days at Tech-Ed South East Asia over at the KL Convention center. And traffic was really bad! Anyways, here are a few photos. I didn’t bother bringing my camera plus also after last weekend’s off-road jaunt, something whacked my truck’s air-conditioning fan out of commission so no cool air if the truck isn’t moving and on Jalan Damansara, Mahameru and Tun Razak, moving is defined as snail’s pace!