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Gua Tempurung/Ipoh makan trip AGAIN?

Looks like there’s more demand for a Gua Tempurung/Ipoh trip again. Tenative dates are in September. It’s only a day trip. More details will be forthcoming soon enough.

Gua Tempurung/Ipoh makan trip!

While plans changed and the timetable was thrown out of whack, we managed to get to Gua Tempurung. Unfortunately Connie couldn’t join us and running thirty minutes late meant that we had to skip our coffee break at Bidor. That said, we made good progress and despite one wrong turn, we arrived at 9:30am. After getting out tickets, we soon entered this fascinating dark world. There’s lots of walking, some crawling and splashing in water, a fair bit of crouching plus a bit of sliding and squeezing yourself into pretty tight areas.

The photos are here. And in case you’re wondering how difficult is it?

Eugene’s rating: TOO EASY!

Oh, of course we had to have good food so we headed up to Ipoh… which is another story by itself…