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A terrible week but the sun still shines!

If you’ve been following Don’t Panik… do not panic 🙂 I’m still alive. The past nine days or so have been terribly busy with work, work and more work. Sometimes, it’s amazing how much the human brain can take and still function. Anyways, Two weeks earlier, we celebrated our one year anniversary, so a week later (someone beat us to the slot), we were slotted to bring the flower offering for service. And of course we had to have sunflowers. How can I not. Every time I see big large sunflowers, they just remind me of my beautiful darling. Yes, I’m waxing sentimental here but that’s what I feel.

What a week!

What a week! Well, technically it’s still Chinese New Year but it sort of feels like it’s ended due to the normal work week starting tomorrow and the holidays sort of ended. However, I really feel exhausted and seriously lack of sleep! Perhaps it’s the forty-degree weather or maybe it’s because of all the food and eating (something like breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, high-tea, dinner, supper and all that snacking). Oh well, the celebrations haven’t ending yet!


First Sun of 2006!

Ain’t she a beauty!

This one jumped the gun a little bit… Therer’s about 25 sunflower plants in the plot and only two are blooming as I type this…