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Clearing the closet – for sale!

It’s really amazing how much junk one can accumulate over the years. Instead of having a garage sale, here’s a list of things I have that you can take for a tiny bit of cash. I’m not putting a price on the items but a reasonable offer will always be considered!

Mega-list-of-items (single units unless stated):
– Seagate Hard drive 200Gb SATA
– Seagate Hard drive 40Gb SATA
– Western Digital Hard drive 320Gb, SATA
– Western Digital Hard drive 500Gb, SATA
– Western Digital MyBook 640Gb FW/USB/SATA
– Seagate 4Gb Type II (CF) microdrive
– 1Gb DDR2 SODIMM (Notebook RAM) (4 pieces)
– Transcend 133X 2Gb Type I CF
– Sandisk Ultra II CF 1Gb (2 pieces)
– Sandisk Ultra II 2Gb SD (2 pieces)
– Canon EF75-300 IS f/3.5-5.6
– Wacom Intuos Serial port tablet, 9″x12″ (A4) size (USA adapter, can be used with 220-110V converter)
– SMC 7004VBR 10/100 Broadband Router with 4-port ethernet port
– Epson R290 Inkjet printer, including 1 complete unused ink cartridges
– HP OfficeJet 5510 Fax/Copier/Print/Scanner, Color inkjet.
– Dell E1705 Widescreen LCD Monitor
– Logitech cordless desktop 110 (Mouse & Keyboard)
– Asus A8N-VM mainboard with Athlon64 XP2 3800, no ram
– DLink DWA110 USB Wireless adapter (2 units)
– Dlink 4-port KVM Switch
– Dlink DCS-950 Network camera

heh, I’ll update this if I find more stuff 🙂

For Sale: Crumpler 6-Million Home

Well, it’s in good condition, used of course but clean and no tears or abuse. Will all straps and padding blocks included. Please leave a comment to make offer or to post questions.

Sale! Sale!

Canon EOS-20D on sale next week?

Seems like they are shipping to stores on September 13th in fairly large quantities. It might take a while for individual stores to get their stock however.

My EOS-300D is still for sale 🙂