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Sigma’s DP1 pre-order at Amazon

Interestingly, Sigma’s APS-C sensor compact is staring to become at least order-able and not the vapor-ware that it was. I wonder how the other camera manufacturers will react. I guess time will tell if there’s a market for this type of products. I, for one, would be in the market for such a camera but at this moment, the price is about $100 over the mark. A $699 price tag is much easier to swallow – plus also perhaps a 28-70 lens to boot rather than the fixed lens. If you’d like to buy one, click here.

Sigma’s DP1 to be release Spring

And unfortunately, at USD799. A pity. A USD599 price would be just sweet! The specs however are fantastic and you can see Phil Askey of DPReview take the camera around Vegas here. The results are just what I want in a compact camera!