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Hard Drive Henge

Came back to work after taking a day off to service and fix the car and saw this on my desk. A strange assembly or construction to be sure but I think it’s the origins of how the first people decided to erect the Stonehenge.

An Oil Kind of Day

90,000 km… five years and lot of places in this journey of life.

18L DELO 400 Pail

Service the week after

After bashing around at Bentong/Sungai Dua, it’s time to do a little check-up, and clear off the mud, debris and whatever stuff that likes to accumulate in all sort of areas. Surprisingly, nothing wrong with anything, and the balancing plus alignment is as good as it gets. Hmm, I doubt I’d say the same thing if I had the original Sime tires which somehow required re-balancing every couple of months without even going off-road!

Rear, Left-side
Rear, right side
Front, left side