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More odds and ends

Well, there’s lots of photos to process is one thing but there’s also a ton of other work from my real job to the garden to the house. Oh well, short post… since a photo is worth a thousand words (cheapskate, a few thousand maybe).

Caught in Action 2

This time by Kong Weng while I was batch processing about 150+ photos and assembling the ‘Our Big Day’ Slide show. I look more relaxed now since at this moment the photo was taken, the slide show was almost completed.

Post Processing

Work in progress…

Image workflow… 2015 RAW images. 24 Gigabytes (including the JPEGs).

1. Tag, tag and tag images for post-processing
Images are tagged with stars (1-5) and color tags (yellow, blue, red, etc) for various purposes – PhotoBook, bulk printing, etc. First cut invariably always ends up with about 20% of the photos selected. Subsequent passes will reduce PhotoBook selection to about 60 photos.

2. Adjust white-balance, tonality, exposure and color
Photos are grouped together according to physical location (i.e. dining room, hallway, ballroom sections) to ease correction of white balance. Color, tonal curves and exposure are also tweaked. Occasional photos may require individual adjustment, others, group adjustments are made.

3. Post-Process!
For PhotoBook images, they are individually hand-processed, tweaked, adjusted, cropped and have full works from tonal adjustments to special effects done on them. They retain full resolution. Bulk printing photos are batched processed, reduced to 4 Mega-pixels for printing up to 8R (8″ x 5.33″) with few exceptions. All images are post-processed to ProPhoto color space and 16-bit before reduction to 8-bit sRGB images. Bulk images are saved as Quality-12 JPEGs. PhotoBook images are saved in Photoshop PSD format.

4. RJT PhotoBook Layout and styling
RJT PhotoBooks layouts are done in sRGB 16-bit for quality and flexibility. Once completed, the final pages are output as 8-bit sRGB TIFF images for printing on a Gretag LightJet Digital printer.

5. Bulk printing & PhotoBook printing
Off they go!

Out-of-body experience

Well, it’s kind of strange that for the first time, I’m sitting down at my PC, going through photos on Bridge, Working it over with Photoshop and compiling a PhotoBook. Nothing out of the ordinary that you can tell except that the photos are all mine. Not mine as in photographed by me, but all the photos are all about me and my precious darling. Just feels slightly odd though.

Layers, layers, layers!

Before and after

Perfecting the shot in Photoshop. Start with a RAW capture, Canon EOS-20D, EF16-35mm lens. The shot on the left is the unaltered RAW capture straight from the camera. Processing steps:
– RAW Conversion in Photoshop CS (slight curve adjust and WB), ProPhoto, 16bit
– Tonal Curve shifted and tweaked for shadow and highlight
– Levels and saturation boost to all channels from 125%-133%
– Adjustment layers with soft-light, screen, multiply
– Mask out areas of adjustment layers
– Flatten, smart sharpen
– Convert to sRGB, 8-bit

I Love RAW & Photoshop!