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Chiling September 18th?

Due to clashing exam schedules and etc. We might go on the 18th or 19th instead. The problem is also due to the unknown D-Date (Maybank Rollout) which could be 9/4 or 9/11. Whichever weekend it doesn’t fall on however, we’ll be heading down to Malacca.

Endau Rompin trip Oct/Nov?

It’s in the works.
The tentative itinery is a 3 day 2 night adventure. We will be having an early Saturday morning drive down to Selai Endau-Rompin.

** Update ** After Raya… (and Myanmar)

Chiling Confirmed August 15th

Here’s the menu 😛
-Noodles with spam
-Coffee, hot chocolate and tea!
-Cold coconuts (after the hike!)
Are you ready yet? The plan is to depart by 6:30am… Currently, 3 cars are confirmed with approximately 9 people.

Ready for Nuang? (Aug 7-8)

Gunung Nuang Climb – August 7-8, 2004.
Depart KL 8:00pm, climb starts 9:30pm.
Please make sure you have:
-2x 1.5L bottles of water, one empty to be filled at Pacat paradise camp river
-Headlamp or flashlight (spare batteries please!)
-Fork, spoon and steel/aluminum cup
-Foam bedroll and sleeping bag
-Sweater, long pants and towel. Rain jacket is advisable.
Groundsheet, flysheet and tent will be provided along with dinner. Food items will be distributed evenly at base camp. Current group size is 8.

Nuang August 7th-8th

Well, it’s on! Not 100% confirmed but it’s on!
It’s a lot more straineous than Datoh so better be prepared.
We do have a tentative Chiling Trip on July 31st or August 1st depending on the number of people…