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Chiling Trip travelog

Well, from ten participants to one and back to five and then back to two and on…
Final count was five people and although we departed much later than our original plan, we still made good time, arriving at the parking area by 8:35am. The hike started about 8:50 and we arrived around 11am at the second falls. Coffee, instant noodles and “long yoke” with bread was our brunch which was followed by a dip into the water. The temperature of the water will remind you why this place is called Chiling Falls! Unfortunately, it started to rain about 1:20pm so the return trek took place mostly in the rain. Lunch or rather high tea was “Bak Kut Teh”.
The photos can be viewed here.

Chiling tomorrow?

The Chiling Trip is still on and last minute interested parties are still welcome…
At the time of typing this, there are 5 confirmed people, with perhaps one or two more unconfirmed.

Splashing time at Chiling!

We’re back! It’s tiring, it took a long time, but I think I can say for everyone that it was a smashing good time. The photos are being ‘worked’ on, I mean considering some R-rated material and all that sort of thing. I’ll edit this entry to add a link to the photos in a bit. For a trip report click the ‘View extended entry’ below…

For photos, click here.

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