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A CNY Burger party

After multiple rounds of Chinese New Year dishes and over-loading on carbs, we decided on a burger night with home-made burgers, salad and coleslaw. Nothing beats having good food and family over to spend some time with each other. They are what I’m always thankful for. As the festivities come to a close, another amazing year with the most amazing person in the world. When I wake up and see her by my side, that’s what makes heart sing and what I’ll always be so blessed — no matter what comes my way!

My nephew can’t wait to light up some fireworks so our home was a pretty good place to do it. We are blessed with a pretty sizable front lawn so… “fire in the hole!” Before the fireworks photos get posted, here comes our delicious dinner first. If you’d like the burger recipe, head over here.

New Year 2010 Cell Group BBQ

Lots of great food, good company, cooling weather thanks to the earlier rain and you’ve got the making of a great time!

These Pork burgers are *beep* awesome!

Here comes the KL Chan Ceramah Series…

For the photographers: all shot on a 5D Mark II with a 24-105mm lens. Aperture was mostly f/5.6 with shutter speeds ranging from 1/100 to 1/800 with RadioPoppers and high-speed sync flash 2x 580EX IIs and a 430EX II.

SS4 CG BBQ at Casa

Lots of fun and first major happening party at our lil’ condo. Kids get to splash, adults get to talk. Lots of food, fun and drink.

The fire starter crew!

Tis is the Season…

Christmas is that special time of the year that we can reflect on the most precious gift of all. The gift of salvation, Jesus the Christ, given freely unto us without reservation so that humanity may reconcile with God.

Housebless Dinner Party!

Delicious Food & Good Friends

Good friends and delicious food… just the thing to have after a long week at work.