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Canon, Nikon, Sony… RED

Someone asked me recently about DSLRs and the fact that there’s three major players now. Actually, I don’t consider Sony-olta seriously for now but given that Sony’s probably another 800lb gorilla like Canon… you never know. Anyways, with all the latest announcements and the fact that I’ve a sizable investment in Canon gear (I’ll post a packing for a shoot photo tonight), it is logical that I’m waiting for Canon’s newest next week despite Sony’s ground-breaking (in terms of pricing) for a 24, yup, twenty-four megapixel monster. I wonder how many rich hobbyists are going to find out that 6000 x 4000 pixels are going to be occupying a lot more storage and it’ll probably be full of pictures of their dog, cat or pet fish. Anyways, honestly, I’m a Canon user, not some rabid fanboy of any system unlike some others. However, if you would to ask me who would I support, it’ll be a small company based in Southern California. RED. They revolutionized video with the Red One and continue to do so with the Red Scarlet and EPIC. So, recently, when the big man at Red, Jim Jannard says there’ll be a revolutionary DSLR from RED late 2009, you bet I’m waiting and listening.

Oh, yeah, in case you happen to wonder, Jannard is also the guy behind Oakley.

No entries for a couple of days…

Not that there’s nothing happening but more like there’s not much time. I have a Photo Book to complete and OA Medical record photos to process. That’s in addition to planning the medical trip on March 20th plus a bunch of new things at work and home to look after. Hang in there!