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Blast from the past – New Zealand 2003

Almost seven years ago. Let me see if anyone knows the equipment I used … I feel like the time I showed my 8 year old nephew a film camera and he asked me where’s the LCD display!?
Camera bodies:
– Canon EOS 30 (with Eye-controlled focus)
– Canon EOS 50E ( ” )
Lenses & Other (hmm, my lens collection is pretty old!)
– EF 16-35 f2.8L lens
– EF 28-105 f3.5-5.6 IS
– EF 70-200 f2.8L lens
– EF 50mm 1.8 lens
– EF 2X TC
– 550EX Flash

And my sensors, aka film were Fuji Velvia (ISO 50), Fuji Provia 400F (ISO 400), Kodak EliteChrome 100 (ISO 100)! All the photos you see here are almost as-is. What’s done is my Nikon film scanners is the Digital ICE correction (for dust and scratches) and for resizing, unsharp mask was used. The output from the scanner was intentionally left soft for any post-production work if needed.

Aoraki Mount Cook, shot on the side of Lake Pukaki, 70-200mm lens at 200mm with 2X teleconverter. 400mm on Fuji Velvia.

Church of the Good Shepherd on the shores of Lake Tekapo. 16-35mm lens and Fuji Velvia

Another view of Aoraki Mount Cook while hiking in the area. Kodak EliteChrome, 28-135 IS lens.

Farm gate, on the Road to Wanaka. 16-35mm lens, Kodak EliteChrome

Queens town from the Peak. 16-35mm lens, Kodak Elitechrome and guesstimate exposure. Hey, no LCD previews then. I’ll guess exposure times from 1 to three minutes at f/11. Shot half a roll on this!

Saw this sign while driving/wandering around the Milford Sound area. Kodak Elitechrome

Our 25km hike from Wanaka. Kodak Elitechrome. 16-35mm lens

Prancing Pony from Lord of the Rings or in real life, the Cardrona Hotel, Arrowtown. 16-35mm lens, Fuji Velvia

Morning drive along Lake Wanaka. 16-35mm lens, Cokin 2-stop graduated ND filter, Fuji Velvia

If you want him, come and get him! The black riders cross the Bruinen Ford here in Lord of the Rings. Near Arrow town. The water is very cold but I walked across! 16-35mm lens and Kodak Elitechrome

Pesky Kea parrots. They were rather destructive, trying to take the wipers off our CRV.

Sheep making love? Te Anau downs, 70-200mm lens, Fuji Provia

On the road to Milford Sound. Fuji Velvia, 16-35mm lens

Looking for Isengard! Near Te Anau. 70-200mm lens, Fuji Velvia

Angry cows near Wanaka. Found out later that they were bred for beef, hence their hostility — milk cows it seems are friendlier. 16-35mm lens, Fuji Velvia

Parked at Isengard. Tea with Saruman? 70-200mm lens, Kodak Elitechrome

Sheep pasture, Te Anau, 70-200mm lens, Fuji Velvia

Looking for Navorra lakes and the spot where the Riders of Rohan ambushed the Uruks of Saruman… 28-135 IS lens, Kodak Elitechrome

On the Milford Explorer cruise ship, Milford Sound. 16-35mm lens, Kodak Elitechrome

Milford Sound. 70-200mm lens, Fuji Provia

Arriving at the woods of Rivendell, near Te Anau. 70-200mm lens, Kodak Elitechrome

Road-kill possum. No, I did not run this one down. They are a pest in NZ though and some bumper stickers urge you to run them down. It was getting dark and I had my 16-35mm lens and ISO 50 velvia… hand-held at like 1/2 second exposure. The digital era has spoilt a lot of us 🙂

Henry, the Tuatara at Invercargill. 70-200mm lens, Fuji Provia

The YHA we stayed at Dunedin. Supposedly haunted. Didn’t bring any IR film and nothing untoward happened anyways. 16-35mm lens, Kodak Elitechrome

Lands’ End at Bluff. 28-135 IS lens, Fuji Provia

Arthur’s Pass, the high road cross the south Island from Christchurch to the West Coast (Tasman Sea). 16-35mm lens and Kodak Elitechrome. Obviously someone felt that the name Arthur’s Ass was more appropriate!

Misty mountains? Not really but it was really misty when we drove across to Hotkitika. 70-200mm lens, Fuji Velvia

Toast on a clothes line. Near Milford, this home of Murray Gunn, an elderly bachelor is a museum of sorts. 16-35mm lens, Fuji Velvia

Caitlin Falls, the Caitlins. 16-35mm lens, Fuji Velvia. 2-stop ND filter, Again, another guesstimate exposure.

The light house at Bluff, Land’s End. 70-200mm lens, Fuji Provia

Kaikoura Whale Watch catamarans. 28-135 IS lens, Fuji Provia. At ISO 400, my fastest ISO available! The Pacific ocean is no joke. Expect the boat to be rising and falling over fifty feet and getting soaked with sea spray. Suffice to say, my Canons had no problems with the ocean water!

Sperm Whale tail. 70-200mm lens with 2X Teleconverter. Fuji Provia.

Dolphins decided to show off instead. 70-200mm lens with 2X teleconverter. Fuji Provia

Christchurch Cathedral Square. 16-35mm lens, Kodak Elitechrome