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Flora & Michael

Had a really long day covering this wedding but in the end, it was absolutely worth it! So much energy, fun and joy that it was impossible not to get some of it on you even though you’re chasing people down to photograph them!

Caught in action

Had a jammed pack weekend starting at good friend’s wedding and ending at my parents place doing re-potting and other stuff. A long sleepless week with a few problems didn’t help things much and my wife’s PC decided to expire peacefully at 7:04pm, Thursday, July 31st. Cause of death is two blown capacitors. Oh, well, time to upgrade. Anyways, after conducting a FlashWorks 101 lession on Friday night, I put all the batteries into chargers, packed my gear and slept at 1am.

05:38 : Woke up due to heat and couldn’t get back to sleep
06:20 : Little dog barking (my iPhone alarm clock)
06:32 : Aromatic coffee (Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon) to kickstart the system
06:45 : Shower and soon after, load-up and head-out of the house
07:10 : Arrive at Jalan Selangor House
12:40 : After two houses, arrive home for lunch. Down 500ml of water, 325ml of 100Plus
14:00 : Download photos and take shower. Batch convert from CR2 to JPEG, downsize.
14:45 : Finished shower, and hit the road again.
15:05 : Arrive at Bible College of Malaysia – Wowzers, it’s 100 degress in the shade!
18:30 : Arrive at Bangsar Seafood Garden. Immediate download of photos
18:50 : Test run of first slideshow. Restaurant notebook crashes, Flash doesn’t work on backup PC.
19:01 : Batch conversion from CR2 to JPEG. Test my notebook to Projector
19:20 : Finalize slideshow and re-arrange some (reviewing it yesterday made me realize a few more photo sorting/ordering slips)
00:30 : Arrive home. Take shower.
01:00 : Review my photos and my wife’s photos (from another wedding)
02:30 : Crash into bed.

You can check out the some of photos on Anna-Rina’s blog here. It’s always fantastic to always meet another awesome photographer and how could anyone be more cool than Anna-Rina? Plus she managed to snag my big ass blocking the entire view at Church! Awesome!

© Anna-Rina