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Yi-Lyn’s Birthday shoot

Malacca has always provided a good backdrop for a lot of our shoots and this time, it’s no different. Yi-Lyn’s first birthday also provided an opportunity for the family to get together, get some portraiture shots taken as well as just enjoy the moment. With the lovely backdrop provided by Everly Resort, there’s definitely a lot of fun to be had. As some family members had to rush off to Singapore and others to the airport, there was no time to have some fun shots in the hotel park and gardens and the lovely beach (despite the smell).

Melaka Makan-makan

Sunset reflections on the Melaka River

First, the hectic work week and the scramble to find a hotel considering every place was booked out… After that, a nice drive with friends down to Melaka city. Arrive at 1pm, park, walk down Jonker’s street to Museum Cafe (or Jonker Dessert 88) and have our delicious Baba & Nyonya Laksa. That was washed down with cold Aik Cheong coffee and durian cendol! That done, we head to our hotel to check in and have a shower and short rest. It was really hot. Finally, we emerge at 4:30pm and drive to the Stadhuys. We climb St. Paul’s hill for the first E-Session shoot with Kelly & Chye before wrapping up at about 6:30pm. We then head over to Capitol Satay for the famous Satay Celup! Finding a super long queue, we switch plans and have delicous Oi-chen (fried oyster omelet) and Melaka-style wan-tan mee.

Filling very satisfied and full, we head off to Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker’s street) and walk around a bit. After a walk up and down the street, we head back to Capitol Satay and join the much shorter queue. It still took about 45 minutes though and lots of ugly Singaporeans queuing up. Anyways, we have our fill of Satay Celup and it was time to head back to bed!

The next morning, we started early, having a quick breakfast at the hotel cafeteria and reaching Christ’s Church at about 8am and started the second E-Session shoot. We finished the shoot around Jonker’s street area and it was time for ice-cream. We went to a home-made ice-cream place only to find out that they’ve gone commercial and no longer made their own ice-cream. That was a pity but feeling all hot and sweaty, cold ice-cream feels really good. Soon, it was time to check-out of the hotel and go back to KL. What trip to Melaka is complete without chicken rice ball? So, on the way out to the highway, we stop by at a small coffee shop serving delicious chicken rice ball. This ain’t the tourist thing, this is where the locals frequent. Soon with all that food stuffed into our full belly, we head back home…

This Oi-chen was really top-grade!

How long do we need to wait?

Secret herbs and spices into our Satay Sauce!