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Me, myself and I

A little something about myself… got this from Mark’s & Louis’ blogs…

1. Four jobs/career aspirations I have had:

– Technical Consultant (DEC/Compaq/HP)
– Web-developer & Sell my site to Yahoo/Google/Microsoft for millions (ok, not the sale part but WA‘s doing quite nicely)
– Owning a B&B somewhere on a nice NZ beach front
– Full-time photographer (yeah, right… but getting there )

2. Four things I wish I had done earlier:

– Saved more instead of spending a lot of my earlier cash
– Take the plunge and take up the job opportunities when they came
– Done more weddings (photography I mean)
– Gone to Israel when my class-mate invited me

3. Four places I have been (in some way, my favorite places):

– Middle-earth New Zealand
– Spain
– New York, New York!
– Beijing/China

4. Four countries I would like to visit :

– Israel
– African Safari (after a cousin’s honeymoon photos, I’m hooked)
– Machu Picchu
– Antarctica

5. Four of my favorite dishes/snacks:

– Wu-Tau-Kau-Yoke
– Any Pasta
– Satay
– Assam Laksa

6. Four of my favorite desserts :

– Oh, chocolate, light, dark, milk, creamy, any chocolate…
– Culver’s Frozen Custard (Menu)
– Haagen-Daz or Bulla ice-cream
Tong Sui

7. Four sites I visit daily:

– Mine, friends and relative’s blogs
– The Star online

8. Four software applications I cannot live without:

– Firefox!
– Adobe Photoshop CS3
– HTML-Kit (web development)
– iTunes

9. Four favourite drinks

– Hazelnut latte, extra hot, lightly frothed with low-fat milk (Starbucks)
– Cafe Affogato (Dome)
– White Coffee, iced (my fav is the one at Yut Kee’s or Bentong Town hall)
– Kahlua with milk, shaken, not stirred

10. Four things you may not know about me:

– I’m a dessertarian… I just love dessert.
– I can sweat straight out after a shower or in an air-conditioned room!
– I can cook pretty well (Asian, fusion, western…)
– My biggest challenge is I don’t believe I’m good enough most of the time.

Putting my feet up at Bagan, Burma