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TTDI Ramadan Bazaar

The muslim fasting month of Ramadan in Malaysia brings out an interesting activity usually called the Ramadan Bazaar in many cities in Malaysia.

One of the biggest feature of this bazaar is the wide array and choice of food. In some cases, the food is rather poor but in others, the food’s rather nice. Of course you can’t compare with home cooked food but some of the stalls are pretty good. The past of couple years has seen us visiting several bazaars around town. This was our first time to the bazaar in Taman Tun and I must say it was the best bazaar yet for us (food-wise). We went on a Saturday evening which we had the good fortune of some nice weather. Browsing stalls with charcoal grills, boiling woks, pots and all sorts of heat producing equipment in the hot tropical sun at five o’clock is no fun. We had overcast skies, cool weather thanks to the rain that stopped by four and a good strong breeze. Best time to go is about five as the stalls would already have been setup and you avoid the last minute crowd at six in the evening. We spent over fifty-plus ringgit and bagged ourselves ayam percik, roti jala, satay, murtabak and more.

Legend International Water Homes

Just last week, we wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Only caveats were that we didn’t want a long drive or bother with flights and international travel. So, on a lark, we decided to head down south. A place I’ve been before but that was ages ago. Port Dickson or more popularly known as PD. According to Wikipedia… This small town used to produce charcoal, but it was later developed as a small port by the British during the Strait Settlement period. Port Dickson was also known as Tanjung. In Malay language that means “cape”. The oldest shophouses were the four situated presently at Jalan Lama. There was also a carbon mine at the first mile of the coast road (Jalan Pantai), and therefore Port Dickson was also called “Arang” (charcoal) in the Malay language.

We head to the newest (as far as I know) hotel development, which was Legend International Water homes. They’re about a year old as of writing so things are still in very good condition. The main attraction of the resort is that each room is built over the sea and comes with a private, open-air swimming pool. The pool isn’t large by any standards (my aunt’s pool in her house is bigger) but it’s comfortable enough to soak five adults if needed 🙂 Since the place is new, the room is still in immaculate condition and everything works nicely. The bed and linen are still plush and soft.

Facilities are still being built so other than the rooms themselves, the pool area and the gardens and playground, there’s no other facility. The archery range is supposed to be ready by end of October though. The sea, is, well, not as blue or pristine as the large oceans, this being the straits of Malacca. It doesn’t smell as bad as it does over at Avillion though. Generally, you have the salty sea tang and that’s about it. The color of the water, being a rather muddy green/blue and the view port in the room to look at the sea generally serves no purpose other than to show you when the tide’s in or out!

Breakfast was so-so. I think the chef’s need more practice and they shouldn’t be calling Ramly burger patties as beef slices. That’s misleading and wrong. The problem about PD is that there’s not much in terms of food and they don’t have the draw of Melaka town or Penang in terms of seafood or choices. The rooms come with a decent size kitchenette equipped with a microwave. I might considering bringing some goodies for dinner next time.

I do plan to return with a family vacation here so, till then, I’ll let my photos do the talking.

Malaysia Votes 2008

A strong opposition is NECESSARY to provide check and balance. This is essential in any government.


More photos here.

Vote Nissan?!

As Election draws near, the posters go up, only to get beaten and ravaged by the forces of nature and the unstoppable might of capitalistic expansion and the almighty dollar. How relevant are today’s governments handling the crisis of nature or the economy is reflected like the posters. They are simply impotent.

Yut Kee – Some things never go out of style

You know comfort stuff — that old t-shirt you always wear or that little pillow you’ve had since you’re ten. How about the food you’ve eaten since you were young? Comfort food probably quite unhealthy if you check with today’s generation of weight-conscious fanatics. I mention fanatics cos I have had the unfortunate experience of knowing (or meeting) quite a few. Can you imagine clamoring and traveling over four hundred kilometers and taking just two scoops of a dessert. Pure waste. Anyways, Yut Kee features a mix of local and western specialties, all interpreted in that old-world Hainanese cooking-wizardry.

After making more than a dozen visits, I can highly recommend this place to anyone but if you just can’t order for four people when you’re the only one there then take a pick from this list and you won’t be disappointed. In no order of taste or preference: Hainanese-style Pork chops, Roti Babi, French Toast with Kaya, Roti Bakar, Curry Noodles, Belacan Fried Rice and the Lam Meen. Lastly, wash all of that down with a nice hot (or iced) cup of home-brewed (a blend of Malayan and Sumatran coffee beans) coffee. Wonderful! Of course by now you’re quite stuffed so I’d say that you have to definitely take-away a few goodies; namely the kaya swiss roll and the marble cake.

Yut Kee, superbly comforting. Opens from 8am to 5pm, closes on Mondays.

35 Jalan Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur
T: 03 – 2698 8108

Alfresco dining…

Roadside that is! Yummy cendol!
And yummy rojak of course!

Then of course, we had a proper sit-down dinner a short while later…

Nyonya dinner!