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The case for size!

Why do you need a 24 inch wide screen monitor? To increase productivity that’s why. I’m going to look for that IDC report that mentions that multiple monitors and larger monitors increase productivity. Look at my Microsoft Word screen below. I have TWO FULL SIZED A4 pages, 100% view. Says a lot doesn’t it.

Easy does this document…

If not, do the math!
1024×768 – standard 15″ LCD monitor will yield 786432 pixels. Jack that up to a 17″ LCD monitor and you get 1310720 pixels, an increase of 67% just for 2 more inches. Go all the way to a 20″ wide screen and you get 1764000 pixels, increase of 124% over a standard 15″ monitor. Of course, with a 24″ wide screen and 2304000 pixels, you’re a whopping 193% more screen estate space!

Two feet of strawberries!

I must give Dell one credit – they are helluva fast! Ordered on Tuesday, and twenty-four glorious inches is sitting on my desk today (Friday!) Gives TGIF a new meaning doesn’t it. Oh, how I wish the most special person in the world is here tonight…

Strawberries – Larger than life!

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Two Feet!

Finally bit the bullet and ordered an LCD flat panel display. Thanks to Dell who was giving out RM944 worth of rebates! I did not go for some low-end LCD monitor however, I went all the way, twenty-four inches of wide-screen glory. Of course, it means more screen real-estate so your Photoshop palettes and windows don’t get cramped out. Less heat and less desk space plus lower power consumption are other benefits. Then again, it’s more wallpaper space so that I can see more of the most exquisite person on this planet !! I can’t wait! Oh wait, I need to clear my desk!

Twenty-four glorious inches!