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Wilayne & David – Ipoh Big Day

While the rest of Malaysia was Celebrating Independence day (or Merdeka), Wilayne and David were doing the opposite — they were getting married! Although road closures in downtown Ipoh caused some delays, everything still went very well, from the action packed Bride pickup and negotiation at the Syuen Hotel in Ipoh, back to David’s place and then back to Syuen for the dinner. During the afternoon, we took about an hour and dropped by the nearby Ling Sen Tong (Lime stone caves) for a fun shoot that resulted in a cool set of photos. Just to show you don’t need a lot of time to get great shots. It was the first time I was there too so it doesn’t mean that an unfamiliar place means poor photos!

Ipoh Wedding – The day after…

What do you do when you just finished a late night wedding shoot the day before and you awake in a hotel in Ipoh? Go for dim sum breakfast that’s what! And followed by sweet tau-foo-far dessert after that!

Ipoh style Curry wan-tan meen

After half-an-hour of rounding around the lost corners of Puchong in the search of the mythical wan-tan meen from Bidor, we finally gave up. Instead, we headed over to savor the Ipoh goodness curry wan-tan meen and hakka meen! Well, although not cheap for kopitiam fare, it was really yummy to warrant a superb three-lip rating!

Curry wan-tan meen! Simply divine!
Hakka meen – perfect in its simplicity
Siew Yoke that is a crime to miss!

Gua Tempurung/Ipoh makan trip AGAIN?

Looks like there’s more demand for a Gua Tempurung/Ipoh trip again. Tenative dates are in September. It’s only a day trip. More details will be forthcoming soon enough.