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iPhone 4S + Camera + Life

The biggest improvement for me when upgrading to the new iPhone 4S is actually the camera. Yeah, I’ve a ton of apps but my core apps are frequently my communications and networking tools – messaging, email, social media, etc. The next most common app I use is the camera and Instagram.

One thing for sure is that it’s always with me so it’s always the best camera — even when I’m lugging a truck-load of photo equipment, it still allows me to document, capture and basically, photo-log my activities.

More importantly, it lets me capture events and people important to me. I’ve every photo taken since my iPhone 2G days and the count is in the five digits. Browsing through the photos is like stepping back in time.

An iPhone Problem

What happens when you break your phone. I mean shatter. Well, whether its covered by warranty or not, you’d definitely want it fixed pronto. In today’s mobile, connected, internet world, how is one suppose to have no phone for four to six weeks?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. With a broken four month old iPhone 3GS, Maxis‘ reply was simple. It’ll be fixed for RM600 to RM700 and you’ll get your phone back within six weeks. I’m not sure how certain (I’ve friends who have had Maxis take up to 8 weeks to get their iPhones fixed) the six weeks was gonna be but it was 5 weeks and five days too many. I expect a 48-hour turnaround at any time for a critical device like this. Otherwise, they better stop billing me anyways.

The broken glass piece

What to do? I put the word out on Twitter and @thebackpackr came to the rescue (via @zilch) to recommend an excellent iPhone repair specialist (well, he certainly qualifies) and I got my phone fixed (glass replaced with an original part) within two hours. If you’d like to contact him, he’s on the Low Yat forums here :

Good as new!

Shooting Tethered part II

For Canon users, shooting tethered usually means USB cable (or WFT transmitters) and EOS Utility. While fully functional and usable, the only thing I don’t like about the EOS Utility is it will exit (and sometimes still stay in RAM) when you disconnect your camera. While perfectly fine for single session of shots, it doesn’t make sense at least when you occasionally need to disconnect your camera. What is actually needed is a checkbox that says “Don’t exit on Lost connection” and if it’s checked, it should stay around and try to reconnect when the USB cable gets reconnected.

However, now I’m experimenting with DSLR remote in terms of wedding photography. Using a manfrotto lightstand and tripod head adapter, I can actually mount my camera in some location that’s hard to reach or out of bounds when ceremonies begin. Live-view coupled with a laptop with ad-hoc wireless running and my iPhone, I should be able to capture some unique angles and shots. The only drawback I guess is that I need another camera body and lens.

iPhone and Alpine meet

Tuesday for me felt very much like a Monday since I worked from home on the Monday which was good thing too since there was a massive police cordon around the Parliment area that caused an unprecedented KL-wide gridlock. I drove off to work, leaving my iPod at home so of course I missed my morning worship songs. Never mind that, my iPhone came to the rescue… I hooked up the over-priced iPod cable from my Alpine and was greeted with the following screens. No one called me in the morning anyway so I don’t know if the phone will still ring but I’ll try it out some day. Kudos to Apple for making the compatibility degrade gracefully — manufacturers cannot anticipate the future but software should degrade to the common denominator gracefully when future devices show up.

What’s on my iPhone?

Yes, it’s just over a month since I got rid of my crappy symbian-sucks-big-time Nokia N80. The 3G iPhone has been released. Yes, I’ll be getting one in November. Anyways, for now, the crap Maxis network occasionally hangs my iPhone — you know it’s Maxis cos if you go into Airplane mode (no connection to a RBS – Radio Base Station), the problem goes away. In the meantime, besides all the usual stuff I use on the phone (contacts, etc), my primary other use is for my shoot calendar, currency converter (when buying stuff from US and HK), and of course, my collection of all the super inspiring, super extraordinary photos from the super group of workshop people at the Louis Pang From Ordinary to Extraordinary workshop in Penang. For INSPIRATION, what else?

iPhone in the House!

Yup, I know there’s a 3G iPhone around the corner but hey, for about 900 bucks, and to replace my Symbian-Sucks Nokia N80… it’s a no brainer! I can’t believe I stuck with that Symbian crap for almost 2 years! My next phone will be another iPhone but that’s for another time 🙂 Now, time to play around with my new phone… in the meantime, you can head over here for our Medical Hike trip photos.

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