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Gelato Affogato

‘Affogato’ literally means ‘drowned’ in italian and that’s exactly what you do – submerge the ice cream with hot espresso. A perfect treat on a hot afternoon! Also, it’s a combination of some of my favorite ingredients – Coffee and Ice-cream!

Sweet Surprise at Bentong

It’s been a while since I’ve a Eat Review at Don’t Panik! So, it’s nice to be back! Bentong is a quaint little (or not so little) town along the Karak highway or East Coast Expressway (ECE). I was surprised to find that it does boast an impressive number of ice-cream dessert shops for its population size. One explanation could be that a diary farm is located nearby. Anyways, the ice-cream shops here do sell the popular “sundaes” but their specialty is something more original (or rojak which means mixed from all over) depending on how you look at it. They have the usual ice-kacang which usually has nuts, beans and shaved ice but with the addition of fresh fruits. Then you add in cendol and top it off with home-made ice-cream. The ice-cream is not as smooth or creamy as Haagen Daz or Baskin Robbins but is quite a bit less sweet. It also boasts a slightly thicker taste and is more fragrant. This place is Kedai Kopi Kow Pow and it is said that there’s a good nasi lemak available in the morning but sells out quickly. That is also true of their ice-cream and note that tour buses and a lot of culinary adventurers to stop by so flavors do run out fast. They also are able to pack to go so that you can share the ice-cream with others back home. That said, this is a good place to relax and chill out. Of course, we had to do things the wrong way about and have dessert before our lunch!

A 70km drive for dessert…
A few of the available flavors
Custom made to order!
Ice-shaving machine
Cosy place for dessert
Well worth the drive and wait!

Kedai Kopi Kow Pow
Off-Highway 8, Jalan Bentong Utama.
It is located in the row of shophouses just after the Shell and Esso station (same side which is your right) when you enter Bentong Town.

Ice-cream night

Chocolate Peanut butter ice-cream… Yummy!

75gm Skim milk powder, 50gm sugar…
Weigh, blend with 1 tblsp peanut butter and 500ml low-fat milk
Churn for 20minutes in the Kenwood…

Ice Ice Baby

I know it’s Monday and I’m writing about SHF (or Sugar High Friday) and it seems that the recent theme is called “Ice Ice Baby” and this theme strikes a chord because it combines a few of food loves: coffee and ice cream. Of course I wouldn’t trade my precious love for all the ice cream and coffee in the world! Cappucino Ice Cream cake! Of course I’ve also been making a lot of ice cream lately, and I gotta be quick on this entry… I’ve to make my chocolate peanut butter ice cream! Yummy!

Yummy Cappucino Ice Cream cake!