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Travel Packing – China

Specifically, Shanghai. The packing challenge is compounded by the fact that a hard case is better protection for your stuff that’s going to be checked in. Not to mention a bit more secure in terms of airport pilferage. The problem is once in China, I’ve a couple of trains to take. From maglevs to intercity fast trains. Packing a backpack in there solves the problem but not the capacity and weight issues. My empty hard case weights 4kg empty. My 65-liter backpack weights 2.5 kg empty.

I also have to pack in my Manfrotto tripod. Clothes for a week at least (I always do laundry on a trip) and enough rain gear considering that certain places are nicer with rain. You also don’t want to stop shooting when the weather turns bad — you’ll miss out the better photos of the trip! Target loaded weight – 18kg. Usually airlines won’t give a hoot if you exceed the weight by a kilo or two but I do have fond memories of three people with 105kg of checked baggage at Beijing Capital International Airport! On our return trip, we have five this time which should give us about a hundred kilos. More than enough unless someone was overzealous in their shopping!

Other problem is that my day pack will primarily consist of camera equipment but I’ll also have my Dell Mini 9, Sandisk card readers, two portable SATA drives, battery chargers, batteries, assorted cables, you know the drill. For longer excursions out of my Shanghai base, 65-liters is good. For overnight sojourns, it is unwieldy. Looks like I’ll have to bring along a little stuff sack so that I can cram a nights’ worth of clothes, etc into the stuff sack along with my day pack loaded with cameras.

ThinkTankPhoto Cable Management 50 – excellent way to organize my cable mess.

Chiling Confirmed August 15th

Here’s the menu 😛
-Noodles with spam
-Coffee, hot chocolate and tea!
-Cold coconuts (after the hike!)
Are you ready yet? The plan is to depart by 6:30am… Currently, 3 cars are confirmed with approximately 9 people.

Ready for Nuang? (Aug 7-8)

Gunung Nuang Climb – August 7-8, 2004.
Depart KL 8:00pm, climb starts 9:30pm.
Please make sure you have:
-2x 1.5L bottles of water, one empty to be filled at Pacat paradise camp river
-Headlamp or flashlight (spare batteries please!)
-Fork, spoon and steel/aluminum cup
-Foam bedroll and sleeping bag
-Sweater, long pants and towel. Rain jacket is advisable.
Groundsheet, flysheet and tent will be provided along with dinner. Food items will be distributed evenly at base camp. Current group size is 8.

Sg Chiling Food and Photo trip

Yes, you read that right.
A combination of a nice jungle hike, a cold swim, and obviously hot food.
Tentative dates are July 31st/August 1st (Sat/Sun).
New alternative date options:
August 14th (Saturday) or August 28/29 (Sat/Sun)
If you’re driving your own car, please meet at the Sg Besi Overhead rest stop at precisely 6:45AM.
We will depart at 7:00am sharp, whether you’re there or not.