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One Card to buy them all…

My Visa card of course, not the 1 Utama ONECard. Anyways, just reflecting the ever reducing consumer purchasing power in this country. Can you believe that’s over RM150 in that shopping cart? If you told someone in the US to spend $150 in groceries, they’ll end up filling the cart till it overflows. I know I do not buy some of the cheaper stuff but then, a lot of our supposedly “cheaper” groceries are made up of rather poor ingredients like artificial coloring, flavors and all sorts of stuff. I also do not like ice-cream made with palm oil. It makes washing-up difficult but I associate the word “cream” with diary products… and so happens that where I did my undergraduate degree turned out to be the US Diary State! Abundant land of milk and cheese, and oh, ice-cream too!

With all the recent price increases, I’m actually concerned. Really concerned. I’m so blessed that generally, everything is still normal. I can still drive around wherever I want, go for a movie (yeah, yeah, I know I watched ONE movie in ONE year), go find some nice makan place or still buy the stuff I want (this does not include the Lust-list items… Mark you know what this is!) so things are still alright. With my staff however, I feel that they’re really feeling it. Imagine having lunch and having to pick only two vegetable dishes at an economy rice stall here in KL Sentral and NOT getting a drink because it’ll blow your lunch budget! My goodness! I just couldn’t tolerate that for someone in my team so I picked up her drink and lunch tab. Looks like time to get back to arguing with HR for more pay increases due to the recent price hikes.