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Clearing the closet – for sale!

It’s really amazing how much junk one can accumulate over the years. Instead of having a garage sale, here’s a list of things I have that you can take for a tiny bit of cash. I’m not putting a price on the items but a reasonable offer will always be considered!

Mega-list-of-items (single units unless stated):
– Seagate Hard drive 200Gb SATA
– Seagate Hard drive 40Gb SATA
– Western Digital Hard drive 320Gb, SATA
– Western Digital Hard drive 500Gb, SATA
– Western Digital MyBook 640Gb FW/USB/SATA
– Seagate 4Gb Type II (CF) microdrive
– 1Gb DDR2 SODIMM (Notebook RAM) (4 pieces)
– Transcend 133X 2Gb Type I CF
– Sandisk Ultra II CF 1Gb (2 pieces)
– Sandisk Ultra II 2Gb SD (2 pieces)
– Canon EF75-300 IS f/3.5-5.6
– Wacom Intuos Serial port tablet, 9″x12″ (A4) size (USA adapter, can be used with 220-110V converter)
– SMC 7004VBR 10/100 Broadband Router with 4-port ethernet port
– Epson R290 Inkjet printer, including 1 complete unused ink cartridges
– HP OfficeJet 5510 Fax/Copier/Print/Scanner, Color inkjet.
– Dell E1705 Widescreen LCD Monitor
– Logitech cordless desktop 110 (Mouse & Keyboard)
– Asus A8N-VM mainboard with Athlon64 XP2 3800, no ram
– DLink DWA110 USB Wireless adapter (2 units)
– Dlink 4-port KVM Switch
– Dlink DCS-950 Network camera

heh, I’ll update this if I find more stuff 🙂

New Workstation!

Well, yesterday I headed down to LY Plaza to my favorite IT retailer for a bunch of parts. I was aiming to wait till end September to get this upgrade but an unexpected disaster happened. Anyways, so, here goes upgrade phase one. Phase two is smaller and is not so obvious. If you noticed I have two Intel Core 2 CPU boxes in the photo. The one below is a Quad-core CPU which will be going into my main workstation but not exactly so soon. Why wait? I’ve two weddings to process so that takes priority and I need to stabilize the other workstation first. Choice of parts is nothing extraordinary. Just reliable parts to get the job done. After all, tech refresh is every 18 months anyway 🙂

Bunch of new parts ready to be assembled!

New architectural marvel or just a simple heat sink?

64-bit Vista install…

Mac Book Air? Not Nike!

I always wonder why it’s so difficult for PC manufacturers to design simplicity. I guess because you have too many accountants? Or is it too many people and there’s a design committee? Well, here’s one notebook that’s functional, yet packs a punch design-wise. Unfortunately, it’s not the price of a Nike Air! Mac Book Air!.

New Christmas Toy :)

Just got a new Christmas pressie today and it’s no other than Sony-Ericsson’s HBH-DS970 Blue tooth stereo headset. How does it work? Well, it’s a bit fiddly to connect but once you get the connection part setup, it works well. I’ve to try if the standard SE charger will charge this headset cos it’s going to be a pain if you need two separate chargers. Currently, I have it setup to my Nokia N80 and my notebook so I can be wirelessly listening to tunes and answering phone calls. So much for being productive today!

On the Grid

The Casa Damansara infrastructure is up and running! Of course, right now, the only thing that is missing is the wireless HSDPA bridge/modem but everything, including local 802g and local LAN is up and running! Full firewall and packet inspector is also live! All we need to do is move my storage servers and other PCs!

I need a new clock

Of course this clock happens to be a Wireless-N (108MBps) router and access point is a bonus! 🙂