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Ikea-itis and the vanished weekend!

When I got into the office this morning, and was making my coffee brew, a colleague asked me “How was your weekend?”. A very ordinary question, to which I think many ask that out of habit and not because of genuine interest. Anyway, my response was “What weekend?”

Friday started with a frantic trip to Ikea to ensure that we get all our stuff for the house. Of course, I was also migrating WebAperture the next day so I had to start the file replication (there’s gigabytes of data) on Friday as it take a couple of hours to finish plus I had to do verification. Anyways, off to Ikea for dinner and a frantic rush through the store to get things such as my new work area desks, bookcases, and storage racks. Looking at the size of the bookcases and the desks plus the fragility of the glass doors, we decided to split the load and come back on Saturday.

To cut the story short, by the time Saturday rolled in, we’ve had the second trip and lunch and the assembly started. Well, it didn’t end until Sunday evening. Of course we took time out to have a simple dinner, go to Church on Sunday morning and did some groceries too.

Truck load #1

Truck load #2

My fave tools, and enough to assemble everything from Ikea.

Look, no need to refer to the instructions!

What you see is not what you get!

The sad story of the poor Malaysian consumer who will most of the time keep quiet about it. I suppose you never get lawyers where and when you need them… Guess which photo is in-store and which is at home? Well, I’m definitely not letting them go with this!

High quality metal inner frame and curved wooden ribs
Cheap wooden planking and struts that smell bad!

Ikea, So what!

I wonder why so many people like Ikea furniture. Admittedly, there are some nice things but how we actually buy their stuff, load all several hundred pounds (or kilos) into our cars (or trucks) and lug them all the way home, then spend the next four hours trying to assemble everything. Yup, the Ikea tagline, why do we make you assemble your own furniture, well, so you pay less and get to enjoy your furniture right away. Yeah, right after your figure out screw 4-C is missing and you just threw out your back carrying the box up to your room or something. Save money?! Ikea is NOT cheap. Oh well, that’s how life is… you just gotta live with it.

Buy! Buy! Buy???