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Pumping Pain!

My first time at the pump after the price hike… Yup, that’s how long my full tank lasts after a fill-up (~500km) which I managed to do hours before the hike.


It doesn’t usually hurt this much. And I’m sick and tired of politicians, several “knowledge-able” people and one elderly British couple saying that you know, our fuel prices are still cheap. Those Singaporeans, do you know how much it costs per liter over there? Oh, by the way, the Brits are paying RM8 per liter. And those Americans in their huge SUVs pay more than RM3 per liter. Yeah, yeah. I wouldn’t mind those prices if my salary was in Singapore Dollars, British Pound Sterling or US Dollars. Get real. I earn in Ringgit so compared to someone in Singapore, US or UK, those numbers don’t wash. Plus, do you know how much import duties are imposed on cars here? How can a RM120,000 Prius incur a RM117,000 import duty? Drop the import duty and I’ll gladly drop the fuel subsidies. Get rid of our road tax too, an annual fee for the basic license plate plus registration (no more than RM100) should suffice.