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This is no drill…

The day I show up in the office fairly early (earlier than my normal time anyways) and first thing was I saw crowds of people everywhere and for the first time, the Semasa Sentral security personnel deployed at various locations. I asked the guy assisting illiterate people at the season parking boom gate (yes, people cannot read a sign with 16″ letters stating “Season Parking Only” and attempt to get a parking ticket where there is no dispenser!) what is going on. He replied “api-lah” in a very nonchalant way. So anyways, I head into my parking and assume it’s all a drill.

When I get back up to the ground floor to change elevators to go up to my office, it smells a bit strange and there was an actual fire it seems. So anyways, I was a bit lazy to walk to Starbucks so I head over to Gloria Jeans, get myself a iced coffee and waited out the crowds of hard-working people queuing up to re-enter their offices. And all I could get was this blurry photo with my iPhone.


Of all bloody things to happen! A fire breaks out in C-11-6 in Casa Damansara I, which in case you’re wondering, is where I’ve invested in an apartment unit. Mine’s C-12-8 so the fire was pretty close. At 3:00am MYT, what the hell were they doing? The unit’s charred by the way!