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A view to a village!

Partial panorama of Kampung Sinai Baru… a better one will need to wait. I shot the scene with a 24mm when I’ve should have used a 50mm to avoid some of the distortion and parallax errors when compositing.

To see a full screen version, click here.

SEMOA Expedition VI

The Good doctor returns… this time, to Kampung Sungai Dalam and the return visit to Kampung Sinai Baru (and the Kampung Koloi people who walked over).

Surprising number with high blood pressure…

SEMOA, Expedition V

icon_ltgray_open_quoteMay the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.icon_ltgray_close_quote
~ Psalm 90:17

Brick, by brick, the reservoir is built

Test complete…

One old APC UPS, wire, 20A automotive fuse, pliers and some electrical tape. To acquire later: 2 used SLA automobile batteries, preferably 60A/hr or higher rating∗.

Prelimary test, 12V 6A/hr SLA battery.
Live test on a 12V 80A/hr SLA Battery!

∗ To calculate runtime, use A/hr rating x 12V = total wattage, divide by power consumption, allow 33% margin for inefficiencies plus you don’t want to run down a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery which is a big no-no! For 80A/hr battery, you get about 960W which if you’re running about 100W of stuff, you should have at about 6hrs runtime.


SEMOA IV, Reaching out, touching lives.

Alright Boys & Girls, mount up!