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Krispy Kreme

Sugar-laden, calorie filled circles of dough! Compared to Big Apple donuts, Krispy Kreme’s donuts were slightly heavier and packed more punch. The only thing I felt that needed to be changed was the amount of sugar. I mean, I like sweet stuff but this is like eating sugar. Halve the sugar and I think it’ll still taste fantastic. How did I finish this box? With a cup of trip-shot espresso, black. So I guess I’ll stick to Big Apple donuts.

Donuts Galore!

Donuts. Yes, “doh-nuts”, made and spelled the American way. Soft fluffy and loaded with sugars and calories. The easiest way to pile on the pounds but let’s not get into that yet. Way better than Dunkin Donuts, we bought a dozen and ate them all. I’d rank the Oreo coated donut the highest partially cos I like Oreos. Beware the spiky durian donut. As the donuts are freshly made onsite, the aroma is welcoming and freshness is guaranteed.

They don’t keep well overnight however even though there are instructions for a microwave and their best eaten within under twenty-four hours of buying them. More photos over here.

Big Apple Donuts
They have branches in Curve, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid and more opening soon.