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Island Paradise and underwater disaster!

DCoconut LagoonIt was a great 3 days and 2 nights at D’Coconut Lagoon in Lang Tengah, an island off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. Fantastic corals, marine life and nice comfortable accomodation with friendly staff. It has a small beach but makes up for it by fantastic corals and marine life no further than a hundred meters out. Meals are provided so bring your own snacks.

I’d stay there again… and it looks like I will. Right on the first day, it seemed that my WP-700 underwater housing for my Canon Powershot A70 sprung some sort of breach resulting in some water entering the housing. By the second day, my A70 sadly, would not even turn on. So after day one, no more underwater photos (Here’s a selection anyways!). My suspicion is that on the way back from WA, I packed the housing closed into checked baggage and cargo pressure probably affected it somehow. At least Jeff’s got pretty good photos with his Powershot A75 — the underwater scene mode is great!

Lightning, power and all that…

Been really busy after first, my cousin’s PC had the mainboard killed by a freak lightning incident… then came my brother’s PC. Oh well. Looks like the only trustworthy proven protection is APC! My two PCs and my parents’ PC were totally unaffected thanks to APC’s Back-UPS ES and Back-UPS CS.

So play safe, get APC! Oh, if you have a Back-UPS 350 CS or 500CS, there’s a voluntary recall of some models. You might want to check here if your model is affected.