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Betty’s Mid-west Kitchen

I went to school in the US mid-west. Grain country or beef country and rolling fields in all directions and flat as a table. Besides the occasional tornado, you get scorching summers and frigid winters. When a whole bunch of tweeples on twitter went abuzz about this place called “Betty’s Mid-west kitchen”, I knew I gotta try it.

Knowing and wanting is a big difference from actually doing it. Doing it took about four months but finally I got there on a wet Friday evening where the roads were “car-parkifying”. Learnt that word on twitter. See you do learn something new everyday!

Anyways, I didn’t have any camera with me other than my iPhone for about a hundred reasons. I’ll be going back again anyways with a real camera so for now, here’s all you got. It was a work day and we wanted a nice simple dinner and then head home for a shower so we didn’t order that much. We had their roasted chicken and onion soup shared between us and for mains, we had a pork chop with country sauce and the meatloaf. Dessert was Apple crumble.

Our take; the soup’s pretty good but would be nicer if it was nice and creamy rather than looking rather “chinese” soup like with lots of chicken and onion bits floating about. My pork chop was very nicely done. Sauce is average and pretty much in line with expectations. Nothing special but still good solid food! The meatloaf was good though. Between the chops and the meatloaf, I’d probably order the meatloaf again. Apple crumble wasn’t up to snuff and it was probably the one thing I wouldn’t order again. Maybe I’m biased because I think I make a much better apple crumble but to Betty’s benefit, it’s a pretty generous serving with two large scoops of vanilla ice-cream. It’ll probably be good enough for some others but I guess not me.

Betty’s is definitely good enough to go back for and I’ll definitely be back. Good food, good value and pretty close to home. What’s not to like?

And yes, apologies for the lousy iPhone photos. Better photos to come next 🙂

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen
A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria, Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.

Lil’ BBQ at number forty…

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little BBQ party at home versus going out to a fancy (or even not so fancy) place to dine. There’s a feel and sense of casual-ness and perhaps, more relaxed atmosphere. Parking is a lot easier of course and there’s not opening time or closing time. You’re free to dress-up as much as you want or dress-down. The only downside is probably for the hosts who has to cleanup. I guess I don’t mind that so much as the amount of time we spend with each other. Relationships need time and if you don’t invest time, you can watch them shrivel up and break.

Anyways, here are some photos.

Who says you can make pizzas on a BBQ?

Putrajaya Night walkabout

On the first day of Eid (or Hari Raya), we went with a couple of friends for a tweetup to take some photos of Putrajaya at night. One of them had recently got a good deal on a used D90 and wanted to dabble into photography. Photography is best enjoyed with friends (hence the launching of our Church Photo club soon) so off we went to Puchong for curry fish head dinner followed by a scenic drive to Putrajaya.

We arrived at the main Putrajaya mosque first and found the garden area heavily barricaded. It took a while to find some decent viewpoints. We had better fun shooting flashlight drawings and other stuff. Then again, Putrajaya doesn’t inspire me that much as I find it rather soulless.

I just love this last shot by the way of Li Tsin walking into the unknown… like a mysterious stranger scene in a movie opener. Hmm, in fact, I’ve a full HD video of this same scene sans Li Tsin unfortunately.

SEMOA Fund Raising Dinner

A month back, I was helping with selling fund-raising dinner tickets for SEMOA which stands for Semenanjung Orang Asli (Indigenous Peoples of the Peninsular). They were raising funds to help empower the next generation of Orang Asli kids who lack not only a lot of basic things we city folks take for granted but most importantly, the access to education. They purchased a large plot of land in Raub and opened the Kebun SEMOA which I covered here.

I generally do pro-bono photography work for SEMOA so when, Pastor Timothy called me at the last minute to cover the event, it was definitely a yes.

The SEMOA Fund-raising dinner for the Orang Asli children was held at the Chinese Assembly hall in KL. It was co-organized by the Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur. With over 70 tables, it was really wonderful to see so many people show up in support. There was a small souvenir booklet along with several performances, including Francissca Peter, Elvis “HT Long” Presley, AMPAC and CDFM Ballet. The food was excellent and so was the dessert.

It’s also interesting that they had Arno Thony, GM of Melia KL and David Jones, the President of the Malaysia-Europe Chambers of commerce in attendance and also giving speeches. Arno had this wife, daughter and son even performing a couple of musical performances! A bit sad to see no local company or MD/Director/GM participating in what is a Malaysian cause. Hong Leong and a few others had notable mentions in the booklet but sending some senior people would have lent more credence.

The guests also had a lot of fun as both Francissca and HT Long mingled with the crowd. At one point, almost everyone was on their feet dancing away. Here are some of the photos for the night… if you want to see the entire collection, you can head over to the OA Ministry Blog over here.

Miriam and Christopher – Celebration dinner

Begin with an East meets West kind of wedding that started at Church in an easy, breezy style. Turn the event 180 degrees around and end with a 300 guest sit-down nine course Chinese dinner. Well, a Chinese wedding will not be complete if you don’t at least fete your guests with a proper sit-down dinner. No standing around reception or buffet style luncheons. Chinese dinners need a many-course meal starting with some four-season dish and shark’s fin soup. What do you do if you want to be environmentally conscious and nature-loving? Drop the shark’s fin soup for some delicious seafood soup. Enough said. This was one easy dinner with lots of fun, emotional speeches and lovely people. Best part was when the toasting session went from “Cheers!” to “YAMMM-SENNGG” (in English: Bottom’s Up!) in like five seconds! Yup, the sound of the East rising…