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Cupcakes by Audrey

During my brother’s Birthday last weekend, we had a nice surprise for him (no, not talking about the LX5) in the form of cupcakes as a birthday cake. Cupcakes are getting to be the in-thing nowadays and the good thing is that you don’t need to cut them and they come with their own little plates! Of course if you’re anal about some traditions such as cutting the cake, you’ll be disappointed. Actually, who says you can’t cut a cupcake? You might look silly though.

Anyways, since he’s in the financial industry, we’d get an appropriately themed cake with stuff like bulls, bears, charts and so on but we decided to throw in a few funky things like fishes, boobs and bums. I must say that Audrey does bake some lovely cupcakes and they were nice and moist. A bit of the sweet side but I guess that can be custom tweaked on request (I didn’t order them so I didn’t make that request). Of course the fondant designs were the nicest compared to the regular cream and icing decorations but they come at an added cost.

Time for me to stop talking and the photos to salivate you!

Suchan Deli and my GF1

Suchan Deli has been around a fair bit. It was around when I started work at Computing giant Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was around before it got swallowed by Compaq who got swallowed by HP. Anyways, it had great cakes, great food and a cozy atmosphere. Well, how times have changed. If anyone asked me for a nice comfortable place with good food and will not break the bank, I’ll recommend Food Foundry instead.

We went for dinner which may not be a good idea considering the area Suchan is located in was dark and poorly lit. It didn’t help that the restaurant itself didn’t look inviting. I think now people are looking for bright, cheery, simple and wi-fi! The cluttered interior with lots of knick-knacks is just so 1980s.

The Pai Tee or Top Hats. Not the way I remember how they used to be.
Wild mushroom soup. Only excellent dish we had.
Nothing special here. The Gado-gado was pretty good however.
Note the yellowed banana leaves. Past due. Not good.
Banana-peach crumble. Soggy, black-ish bananas. Sorry, I CAN make better crumble than this!

While they may still make an awesome tiramisu, the rest of the menu is a no-go for me. Well, just maybe, just the wild mushroom soup. All photos – Panasonic GF-1 with 14-45mm lens. ISO2500, RAW, processed with Adobe Camera Raw 5.6. Am loving my lil’ GF1 a lot.

A DIY-BYO High-tea…

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, we had a wonderful time with a few good friends. Instead of spending money and going into town for great food, we had better. This was a Do-It-Yourself, Bring-Your-Own high-tea. With a delectable spread of simple, but delicious food, the time spent was absolutely wonderful. We don’t need a lot of fancy food or a 5-star dining room… our simple house and home-made, hand-crafted food was all that was needed. Awesome!

Melaka Makan-makan

Sunset reflections on the Melaka River

First, the hectic work week and the scramble to find a hotel considering every place was booked out… After that, a nice drive with friends down to Melaka city. Arrive at 1pm, park, walk down Jonker’s street to Museum Cafe (or Jonker Dessert 88) and have our delicious Baba & Nyonya Laksa. That was washed down with cold Aik Cheong coffee and durian cendol! That done, we head to our hotel to check in and have a shower and short rest. It was really hot. Finally, we emerge at 4:30pm and drive to the Stadhuys. We climb St. Paul’s hill for the first E-Session shoot with Kelly & Chye before wrapping up at about 6:30pm. We then head over to Capitol Satay for the famous Satay Celup! Finding a super long queue, we switch plans and have delicous Oi-chen (fried oyster omelet) and Melaka-style wan-tan mee.

Filling very satisfied and full, we head off to Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker’s street) and walk around a bit. After a walk up and down the street, we head back to Capitol Satay and join the much shorter queue. It still took about 45 minutes though and lots of ugly Singaporeans queuing up. Anyways, we have our fill of Satay Celup and it was time to head back to bed!

The next morning, we started early, having a quick breakfast at the hotel cafeteria and reaching Christ’s Church at about 8am and started the second E-Session shoot. We finished the shoot around Jonker’s street area and it was time for ice-cream. We went to a home-made ice-cream place only to find out that they’ve gone commercial and no longer made their own ice-cream. That was a pity but feeling all hot and sweaty, cold ice-cream feels really good. Soon, it was time to check-out of the hotel and go back to KL. What trip to Melaka is complete without chicken rice ball? So, on the way out to the highway, we stop by at a small coffee shop serving delicious chicken rice ball. This ain’t the tourist thing, this is where the locals frequent. Soon with all that food stuffed into our full belly, we head back home…

This Oi-chen was really top-grade!

How long do we need to wait?

Secret herbs and spices into our Satay Sauce!

Genuine Joy

Recently, I went to have breakfast at the small town coffee shop. The owner recognized us and asked for the photos we took of him and his wife a few months back in December. When he saw the prints, you can see that he was so happy and full of genuine joy. I mean it’s just three 4R prints that don’t cost a lot of money but honestly, the joy on his face was simply priceless. I’m sure he’s making a decent living and they’re doing okay but I realized that their joy is so overflowing that it also became part of my joy.

Happiness is a bar of soap, a good friend tells me. The more you try to grab hold of it, the more it will slip out of your grasp. How true when Reverend Anthony Loke shared with us that thirty years ago, the dream of 1-2-3-4-5; one wife, two kids, three-bedroom house, four-figure salary, five-figure bank account. Guess what is it now? Assuming one wife and two kids is pretty much the standard for Chinese Malaysians, we’ll probably be looking at three cars, four bedroom bungalow, five-figure salary and a six-figure bank account! 1-2-3-4-5-6! There’s no end to this rat race.

On this day, my birthday, I realized that I don’t need a lot of things, nor will birthday presents really bring me genuine joy. Like the hymn, “I seek the giver, not the gift”, I also know in my heart that I’ve already have the two greatest gifts I can ever own in this life. My friend, redeemer, God, savior who has given me eternal life and the most precious gift on earth, my darling, lover, wife, best friend and companion. Some people can say that surely I wouldn’t refuse a gift – and yes, while I would love a new car, a new DSLR or more lenses or a 30″ LCD monitor, those are just things. When I wake up in the morning and see my sleepy darling beside me, it’s just makes me feel so blessed. The Lord gives and takes away, but still I will say, blessed is the Name of the Lord.

One ABC Please!

Ais Batu Campur — or Mixed Ice is a rather Malaysian invention which consists of shaved ice, nuts, kidney beans, sugar syrups, corn, and assorted jelly toppings. Sometimes, ice-cream is also used! A most yummy dessert and on Christmas Eve, Alice is serving them up fast and furious! Don’t get her mad though cos you’ll have an ice ball thrown at you!