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Time & time…

How time flies. It’s middle of May already and I’m still sleep deprived. Work is piling up on all fronts and there seems to be no let-up. New old House renovation plans are still being drawn and finalized while I’m hoping I won’t need to sell all my stuff to finance it. Then again, I also can’t wait to move out of the 12th floor. Condo living may suit some people but I think I prefer my feet on solid ground and no elevators to ride home. Makes going on vacations and photo shoots difficult too – imagine all the stuff you need to carry out and down and all that! I also seriously miss my two dogs and while I won’t be taking them from my parents, I can’t wait to have my own! Hopefully I can have a larger work area than my current space, cozy though as it is, there’s not enough desk space for my wacom tablet and other stuff.

The May photoshoot got postponed into June and I think I’ll try some with my cousin and his new bride if we have time. He’s flying in end of this month with my iPhone and I’m wondering whether I should go quad-core on my PC and all that. Ah, but I have to save money for the house. My to-buy list is getting longer and longer. Delayed gratification indeed!

Hope you like my messy desk… hope to have a new workspace for 2009!