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Mini 9

Managed to snag a good deal for a Dell Mini 9. It comes with a solid state disk and 3G card. The only problem with it is that I’m so far unable to connect to Maxis with it. It does however register with the Maxis UMTS network. Of course it’s quite clear that Maxis sucks to some extent. I, however, did not know that their customer service (and technical support) people are that incompetent. Anyways, after about 6 calls and talking and explaining that my 3G Connect card (by Option NV) works fine but the Dell 5530 HSPA WWAN adapter doesn’t connect me to their super-fantastic, ultra-high speed (100% sarcasm) broadband network, they finally resolve to tell me to pay a visit to their Maxis center in KLCC or Gardens Mid-valley. Oh joy! I’ll end up going tomorrow to Gardens Mid-valley since I’ve to do lunch anyways with a client there. DiGi – the smarter choice is beginning to sound like the better choice (or even Celcom).

A Dell worth getting

Normally, I’d never ever buy a fully built PC for myself (or wife) from anybody – HP, Acer, Apple, Dell, you know. This is probably the second PC I can consider getting other than this HP TouchSmart model that looks quite snazzy. The XPS One doesn’t count because it’s not available in Malaysia yet. What’s not to like? Price is one thing but why can’t Dell Malaysia remove all the useless stuff (monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse) because I’ve got better and sell just the unit? Secondly, it maxes out at 4Gb RAM. Come on, this is 2008, we need 6Gb and 8Gb! Anyways, pricewise, it gets pretty high (I spec’ed mine up to RM4,968 with a 2.5Ghz CPU) so again, I have to pass on it. However, it looks like Dell’s waking up a bit and PC manufacturers are begin to make snazzier boxes. The new Latitude E-Series looks good 🙂

Dell’s new 24 incher!

Now we know why the Ultrasharp 2407WFP dissappeared off Dell’s site… as anyone could have guessed, the 2408WFP is the replacement and it started showing up today, sans any rebates or discounts. Good is that it supports 110% gamut and better contrasts ratio but it’s still a W-CCFL backlight vs a LED backlit option. It does sport a displayport connector though.