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Cupcakes by Audrey

During my brother’s Birthday last weekend, we had a nice surprise for him (no, not talking about the LX5) in the form of cupcakes as a birthday cake. Cupcakes are getting to be the in-thing nowadays and the good thing is that you don’t need to cut them and they come with their own little plates! Of course if you’re anal about some traditions such as cutting the cake, you’ll be disappointed. Actually, who says you can’t cut a cupcake? You might look silly though.

Anyways, since he’s in the financial industry, we’d get an appropriately themed cake with stuff like bulls, bears, charts and so on but we decided to throw in a few funky things like fishes, boobs and bums. I must say that Audrey does bake some lovely cupcakes and they were nice and moist. A bit of the sweet side but I guess that can be custom tweaked on request (I didn’t order them so I didn’t make that request). Of course the fondant designs were the nicest compared to the regular cream and icing decorations but they come at an added cost.

Time for me to stop talking and the photos to salivate you!