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One thing I’ve observed in many local churches is the minimal use of internet technologies available.

Websites and email aside as those are to be expected of any entity or organization today. I think it’s time they embrace more tools to enable better and greater reach.

Recently, our cell group scheduled a session with the esteemed Reverend Lim Kar Yong of STM to teach us on a series of Parables. Well, we decided to enlarge his audience by combining with Kinrara cell group via web-cast. Of course other members who could not make it could also attend the webcast session. Slides, audio and video were broadcast at standard definition. It was evident however that our regular Malaysian home ADSL service (Streamyx) would not cut it even though the webcast only required a downlink of about 350kbps. On a 1mbps line, the video would be choppy and occasionally drop out.

It was an interesting experiment though and one we would continue for the next three weeks. For those who couldn’t attend the webcast, we have audio recordings and if you want to watch, we have a HD video recording of the session as well!

I’ll blog about the tools we used in a separate post later this week.

New Year 2010 Cell Group BBQ

Lots of great food, good company, cooling weather thanks to the earlier rain and you’ve got the making of a great time!

These Pork burgers are *beep* awesome!

Here comes the KL Chan Ceramah Series…

For the photographers: all shot on a 5D Mark II with a 24-105mm lens. Aperture was mostly f/5.6 with shutter speeds ranging from 1/100 to 1/800 with RadioPoppers and high-speed sync flash 2x 580EX IIs and a 430EX II.

More SS4 2008 Retreat Photos

Here’s more after a tiring day at the pool with my nephew. Looks like the blog pages just got even heavier! I’m sorry to those who are using anything slower than a 256k connection. It takes my lousy Nokia N80 four minutes on 3G before it crashes out with insufficient memory! Oh well, my iPhone’s coming in four weeks — I can’t wait!

Just love the shadows and highlights on the Yi-Ann’s face but I had my 24-105 and not my 70-200 this is as tight as I can get!

The giant Cat of Cameron Highlands!

Boring group shot — the exciting version later tomorrow!

The yummy scones – absolutely delicious with home-made fresh strawberry jam for tea!

Here’s a small selection of Kok Leong’s shots from his D50. A light touch of Photoshop in the mix. Just a little touch-up here and there but mostly the JPEGs were quite nicely done so mostly a little bit of dodging and burning was enough. Of course, my favorite curves and masks too!

First Batch of Retreat Pix

Sorry everyone that these took some time. There were about 500 shots (not including KL’s & KW’s which I will also batch except for a few more selected for hand-processing) and while most were going to be batch-processed, these few however, I felt would need a bit of hand-processing. Most shot with my lovely 70-200 f2.8 lens or my wife’s 100mm 2.8 macro. Individually tweaked, fixed, cleaned-up and processed.

All shots manual exposure, manual white-balance (daylight or cloudy) – Thanks Louis – it’s actually faster. Yup, less is more, manual is faster and all that! Lots more use of highlight and shadows (in terms of light angles) and back-light!

My favorite of the action series!

OMF Bungalow

Sorry, I got back at 8:30pm, worked on two proposals, one pricing and eight emails. Cooked dinner and did the laundry. Still lagged from the activities of the past two weeks. More photos will be posted in due time. I still have SEMOA Pastor Edwin’s wedding PhotoBook to do!

To see a full screen version, click here.
Yes, it’s a panoramic view of the Bungalow stitched from four separate frames.