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Hee Lai Ton, Sri Kembangan

It’s Chinese New Year and it is usually filled with eating. Well, yes, there’s all the family reunions, meeting long lost relatives and friends but it’s always around food. It used to be that most breakfasts, second breakfasts, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, evening tea, dinner and suppers were all home-cooked food. Today, most people have no time to prepare such meals from scratch and resort to eating out. Even in my family, we’ve started to supplant home cooked dishes with store bought ones. Of course the main meals (the eve, first and second day of the New Year) is still home cooked.

Anyways, along with Chinese New Year, it was also my father-in-law’s birthday. It’s kinda cool to have your birthday around Chinese New Year because everyone will know about it and you will get more presents! Anyways, I digress but we got him a fancy iPad2 which I setup to keep him busy with lots of e-mags, news portals, flip board and more.

For lunch, we went to this restaurant in Sri Kembangan that is famous for it’s Poon Choi. Read the wikipedia link if you want to find out more but it is translated wrong in my opinion. It should read “basin dish”. Inside this boiling pot, we had chicken, oyster, vegetables, pork, prawns, bean curd, fish maw, bean curd skin, abalone, eel, fish balls and more…

Anyways, the food is pretty decent fare but the highlight of course was the Poon Choi which was full of stuff to eat. There were other dishes of course such as fish-wrapped oyster with sea weed balls, suckling pig and stewed goose feet with sea cucumber. I ate everything except the feet — I don’t eat legs… chicken legs, pig legs, cow legs, fish legs, human legs… whatever.

The food is pretty good and it’s a pretty packed on the Saturday we went. I don’t know if the other dishes are worth going for though. They’re famous for their Poon Choi so if you are longing for that dish, the one they serve up is pretty good.

Hee Lai Ton
12, Jalan Muhibah 3,
Taman Muhibah,
Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor D.E.
03 8992 5561


Lil’ BBQ at number forty…

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little BBQ party at home versus going out to a fancy (or even not so fancy) place to dine. There’s a feel and sense of casual-ness and perhaps, more relaxed atmosphere. Parking is a lot easier of course and there’s not opening time or closing time. You’re free to dress-up as much as you want or dress-down. The only downside is probably for the hosts who has to cleanup. I guess I don’t mind that so much as the amount of time we spend with each other. Relationships need time and if you don’t invest time, you can watch them shrivel up and break.

Anyways, here are some photos.

Who says you can make pizzas on a BBQ?

Cupcakes by Audrey

During my brother’s Birthday last weekend, we had a nice surprise for him (no, not talking about the LX5) in the form of cupcakes as a birthday cake. Cupcakes are getting to be the in-thing nowadays and the good thing is that you don’t need to cut them and they come with their own little plates! Of course if you’re anal about some traditions such as cutting the cake, you’ll be disappointed. Actually, who says you can’t cut a cupcake? You might look silly though.

Anyways, since he’s in the financial industry, we’d get an appropriately themed cake with stuff like bulls, bears, charts and so on but we decided to throw in a few funky things like fishes, boobs and bums. I must say that Audrey does bake some lovely cupcakes and they were nice and moist. A bit of the sweet side but I guess that can be custom tweaked on request (I didn’t order them so I didn’t make that request). Of course the fondant designs were the nicest compared to the regular cream and icing decorations but they come at an added cost.

Time for me to stop talking and the photos to salivate you!

South Sea Subang

Celebrated my mom’s birthday at a cozy little seafood restaurant in Subang called South Sea. In some ways, it’s set up close to what some termed the “death row” considering that you pick your fish happily swimming away in their little glass aquariums. They then end up on your dinner plate and your stomach! Of course the selection available is smaller than a similar restaurant we went to in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah called Ocean seafood but then, again, it’s close to home and had good food, reasonable prices and most of all, super fresh. Here are some of the “inmates” on the “death row”…

Day One, many years later

As people grow older, they tend to forget and in some cases, try not to even remember their own birthdays. Maybe it’s the reminder of our mortality and human beings. Three-score and ten, or four-score years if we have the strength is the span of human life. Perhaps even worse this year with all the gloom and doom people around and the economic mess the world is in doesn’t make things any easier.

As this junction in time, there is an unexplainable feeling of richness and wealth. It’s not because I make a big paycheck every month. It’s not because I’ve a big bank account. It’s actually kinda empty. I’m not debt-free, in fact, I’m almost working for the bank. I feel rich because of what I have. Not what I couldn’t have. Not what I want to have. This new year, many Chinese consulted geomancers, did things that will help usher in a Bull run in the year of the ox… some sort of prosperity wish. I did neither. I have what the Lord has promised and His promises are sufficient for me. My darling love of my life and my little home on a small patch of lawn. Good friends, here and some thousands of miles away. This is richness beyond measure. Surely as the Lord says, I will bless you till your cup overflows. Some people have lots of things. I think I’ve lots of joy and happiness. Heh, even mastercard can’t buy you that. So like the lyrics in Matt Redman’s song goes, Even on the road marked with suffering, Blessed be the name of the LORD.

Equally priceless and all the more richer, is the ability to be a blessing to others. That’s legacy. “Yes, oh Lord, establish the works of our hands” and like the Psalmist in Psalms 90 says, what kind of legacy are we building with our lives. I think I did good here if you read what the members have said. I’m humbled and grateful, amazed and glad that somehow, in this big, big world of ours, I made a little difference in a few people. That is legacy.

Happy Birthday to me 🙂 and now, let’s get on with this legacy business!