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Pun Chun

Bidor is located between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Expressway. It is south of Tapah, north of Sungkai, east of Changkat Jong and Teluk Intan and west of the Titiwangsa Mountains. One of the most popular stopovers, Pun Chun is strategically located on the main road into town. Over the years, this has been my regular stopover, especially during Chinese New Year and before the highway was built. Everyone knows that Pun Chun is famous for its Ngap Toi Meen (duck-thigh noodles) and Kai Jai Peng (chicken biscuit).

There are other things at Pun Chun, namely the Wan Tan Meen (thin noodles with char siew or roast pork and dumplings) and Wu Gok (deep fried taro balls filled with pork). The noodles are not really special but the dumplings are freshly made daily and the roast pork is first rate! The taro balls on the other hand are crisp, well made with generous fillings. They too are made daily.

Do stop by especially when you’re heading North on the highway from KL or further south. It’s only five minutes from the highway exit, making it very convenient indeed.

Yummilicous Wan Tan Meen
Light and delicious
Crisp Taro balls
Freshly made by hand daily!

Pun Chun, Opens daily from 5am till 10pm!
38-40, Jalan Besar, Bidor, 35500 Perak
Tel: 05-434 1554, 05-434 1562
Fax: 05-434 6191