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Lil’ BBQ at number forty…

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little BBQ party at home versus going out to a fancy (or even not so fancy) place to dine. There’s a feel and sense of casual-ness and perhaps, more relaxed atmosphere. Parking is a lot easier of course and there’s not opening time or closing time. You’re free to dress-up as much as you want or dress-down. The only downside is probably for the hosts who has to cleanup. I guess I don’t mind that so much as the amount of time we spend with each other. Relationships need time and if you don’t invest time, you can watch them shrivel up and break.

Anyways, here are some photos.

Who says you can make pizzas on a BBQ?

New Year 2010 Cell Group BBQ

Lots of great food, good company, cooling weather thanks to the earlier rain and you’ve got the making of a great time!

These Pork burgers are *beep* awesome!

Here comes the KL Chan Ceramah Series…

For the photographers: all shot on a 5D Mark II with a 24-105mm lens. Aperture was mostly f/5.6 with shutter speeds ranging from 1/100 to 1/800 with RadioPoppers and high-speed sync flash 2x 580EX IIs and a 430EX II.

SS4 CG BBQ at Casa

Lots of fun and first major happening party at our lil’ condo. Kids get to splash, adults get to talk. Lots of food, fun and drink.

The fire starter crew!