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CF, SD, Batteries…

A sign of the times. It used to be little kiosks selling CR123, CR5 or CR2 lithium batteries (remember those) and AA, AAA batteries alongside boxes and boxes of Kodak and Fuji film. Today, if you find your fancy-pants digital camera running low on juice or memory cards, you go look for a little stall like this one.

This little kiosk in the Yuyuan area in Shanghai was selling all sorts of media cards (CF, SD, SDHC, etc) along with 3rd party made-in-China batteries in various Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic flavors. They do say that the batteries are “charged” so you can just pop them in and use them. This particular kiosk still had some film products but they were heavily showing off their instant inkjet printing service. While Kodak may be a icon of the film era, its transition to the digital era has hit some turbulence. So while they had a couple of rolls of Kodak film, majority of their products are for digital cameras. I wonder when I might see a Sandisk branded kiosk… soon perhaps?

Run out of batteries and media? Head for the kiosks!

p.s. what “real” photographer would only have one battery and one memory card with him/her at one time?