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No idea WTH is with the name but it looks cool and is close enough to the Iosis prototype shown last year. Only shame is our silly little protected market will make sure it costs more than the average double-storey home. Shucks.

An Oil Kind of Day

90,000 km… five years and lot of places in this journey of life.

18L DELO 400 Pail

MINI Clubman

Get the full monty on the the Mini Clubman over here.

Mini Clubman – Still a Mini !

Enough Triton, L200 Upgrade!

No, no. For those following this blog, no, I did not buy a new truck!
Well, I do have plan to repaint it black though. But anyways, scheduled upgrades are here! New higher powered projector fog lamps!

Hella Micro DE Projectors!

Of course, a few months later, I’ll be mounting these on the roll bar 🙂 So there’ll be enough candlepower to light up the jungle!!!

Lights on a bar!