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Delivery & Support – Keys to great customer service

Quite a while back, I placed an order for the iPad 2 on the Apple store. It shipped on the 17th of May.

Unfortunately, it did not arrive on time. As you can see below, the DHL tracking results. Basically, the problem lay with our stupid Malaysian customs and perhaps DHL. As a company that focuses on global logistics, the delay in customs is unacceptable. I wouldn’t have cared much if it was delayed a day or two. To spend seven days in customs is unacceptable. Corruption issues aside, I think a company like Apple would partner with DHL to provide shipping for their online stores because of certain service levels and proven track record in managing the complexity of global trade. Looks like a big fail here.

May 24, 2011 13:41 Kul – KUL Arrived at delivery facility – Kul – KUL
May 23, 2011 21:38 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 22, 2011 20:23 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 21, 2011 22:08 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 20, 2011 22:03 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 19, 2011 21:26 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 18, 2011 21:19 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 17, 2011 20:28 Szb – SZB Clearance delay – Szb – SZB
May 17, 2011 09:26 Szb – SZB Processed for clearance – Szb – SZB
May 17, 2011 01:02 Szx – SZX Departed from facility – Szx – SZX

No point in dwelling on the failure of DHL here but the key take away from this is that if you have a online business dealing with products, the delivery is as important as the rest of your business. My experience shopping at the Apple store is now poor due to this delivery delay!

However, I’ve some good news. I’ve never talked to a more sincere, upbeat and concerned contact center staff as I talked to Apple this morning. He came across as sympathetic but not condescending. I felt assured and he promised to follow up. I don’t think he knew that customs would clear it but still I felt better and I got a free iPad dock to boot. Would I buy from Apple store again, probably. Hopefully they sort DHL out quick!

Update 6:20pm : Apple actually called me up to say that DHL has delivered my iPad 2! Now that’s GREAT customer service!

What’s on my iPhone?

Yes, it’s just over a month since I got rid of my crappy symbian-sucks-big-time Nokia N80. The 3G iPhone has been released. Yes, I’ll be getting one in November. Anyways, for now, the crap Maxis network occasionally hangs my iPhone — you know it’s Maxis cos if you go into Airplane mode (no connection to a RBS – Radio Base Station), the problem goes away. In the meantime, besides all the usual stuff I use on the phone (contacts, etc), my primary other use is for my shoot calendar, currency converter (when buying stuff from US and HK), and of course, my collection of all the super inspiring, super extraordinary photos from the super group of workshop people at the Louis Pang From Ordinary to Extraordinary workshop in Penang. For INSPIRATION, what else?

iPhone in the House!

Yup, I know there’s a 3G iPhone around the corner but hey, for about 900 bucks, and to replace my Symbian-Sucks Nokia N80… it’s a no brainer! I can’t believe I stuck with that Symbian crap for almost 2 years! My next phone will be another iPhone but that’s for another time 🙂 Now, time to play around with my new phone… in the meantime, you can head over here for our Medical Hike trip photos.

Don’t Panik! on Safari via Wi-Fi!

Mac Book Air? Not Nike!

I always wonder why it’s so difficult for PC manufacturers to design simplicity. I guess because you have too many accountants? Or is it too many people and there’s a design committee? Well, here’s one notebook that’s functional, yet packs a punch design-wise. Unfortunately, it’s not the price of a Nike Air! Mac Book Air!.