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Camera Raw 4.3

After Canon mucked up their EOS-40D firmware at version 1.0.4 (we’re still waiting for 1.0.5), Adobe comes to the rescue with a quick fix on Camera Raw 4.3. Yes of course there’s more changes that just making it read slightly flawed 40D raw files (only from 40D’s with 1.0.4 firmware), it includes support for cameras I can’t afford like the 1Ds-Mark III. It does add support to Canon’s sRAW format but I don’t have an sRAW file right now to test. Download the new Camera Raw over here.

Adobe Buys Pixmantec

“With high quality digital cameras now within reach of every photographer, customers are gravitating to raw file formats that allow them to get more control over final results,” said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at AdobeĀ®. “By combining Pixmantec’s raw processing technology and expertise with our own, we’re continuing to deliver on the promise that even your existing raw files can be processed with increasing quality as our software technology evolves.”
Hmm, looks like another small fish gets eaten by a bigger fish. Or perhaps in Adobe’s case, maybe it’s a Great White! Press release here.