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Canon EOS-40D, first impressions

Mong Kok KCR Station, Hong Kong

After six-hundred frames in HK… I can sort of say the following few things about the 40D improves upon the 20D. I don’t have a 5D or 1D-series so those are out of the question.
The Pros:
– Lower noise – Clean images at ISO 3200 plus hi-ISO noise reduction actually works!
– Much quieter shutter – Almost inaudible in the typical environment.
– Full-time ISO display in the viewfinder!
– Image quality is miles ahead of the 20D.
– Picture-styles rock! Overall better tonality and dynamic range!
– Customize!! So easily to customize and save then into presets
– Big, bright viewfinder. Much improved.
– Faster-focus (just a feeling but it’s snappier)
– Quicker write and longer buffer.
The Bad:
– Screen is lovely and large but gets facial oils in a hurry!
– Needs firmware fix for Adobe Camera Raw


Unbelievably priced in HK. I guess if the 5D replacement was out, I would have gotten it! Darn. Real-life usage report coming… after my stomach gets a rest from 48-hours of eating! Sorry for the bad photos. After walking all day, eating all day, it was hard to get a good photo in the poorly lit hotel room.