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Supposedly for the 20th

Was too busy yesterday going to meetings, making important phone calls and trying to finish up more photo processing so this post kinda slipped by me. Anyways, Five, yes, FIVE years ago, August 20th marked the launch of the DSLR that I think changed the entire Digital Camera landscape. Whether you are a Nikon fan, Pentax or Olympus fan or not it doesn’t matter but it was the first DSLR that mortals like me could afford without taking out a bank loan! I’m talking about Canon’s EOS-300D (press release link). Well, it was my first DSLR and while I know I traded it up for a 20D later, it still went with me to Perth, Western Australia and boy I remember the slow start-up time and limited burst but hey, it made up for it by creating so many fun shots I can’t imagine the trip without it. Here’s when I bought it!

Anyways, here’s another person celebrating on the 20th. My cousin Alice. Happy happy birthday and don’t fall off your bike 🙂