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Tis is the Season…

Christmas is that special time of the year that we can reflect on the most precious gift of all. The gift of salvation, Jesus the Christ, given freely unto us without reservation so that humanity may reconcile with God.

A terrible week but the sun still shines!

If you’ve been following Don’t Panik… do not panic 🙂 I’m still alive. The past nine days or so have been terribly busy with work, work and more work. Sometimes, it’s amazing how much the human brain can take and still function. Anyways, Two weeks earlier, we celebrated our one year anniversary, so a week later (someone beat us to the slot), we were slotted to bring the flower offering for service. And of course we had to have sunflowers. How can I not. Every time I see big large sunflowers, they just remind me of my beautiful darling. Yes, I’m waxing sentimental here but that’s what I feel.

Canon, Nikon, Sony… RED

Someone asked me recently about DSLRs and the fact that there’s three major players now. Actually, I don’t consider Sony-olta seriously for now but given that Sony’s probably another 800lb gorilla like Canon… you never know. Anyways, with all the latest announcements and the fact that I’ve a sizable investment in Canon gear (I’ll post a packing for a shoot photo tonight), it is logical that I’m waiting for Canon’s newest next week despite Sony’s ground-breaking (in terms of pricing) for a 24, yup, twenty-four megapixel monster. I wonder how many rich hobbyists are going to find out that 6000 x 4000 pixels are going to be occupying a lot more storage and it’ll probably be full of pictures of their dog, cat or pet fish. Anyways, honestly, I’m a Canon user, not some rabid fanboy of any system unlike some others. However, if you would to ask me who would I support, it’ll be a small company based in Southern California. RED. They revolutionized video with the Red One and continue to do so with the Red Scarlet and EPIC. So, recently, when the big man at Red, Jim Jannard says there’ll be a revolutionary DSLR from RED late 2009, you bet I’m waiting and listening.

Oh, yeah, in case you happen to wonder, Jannard is also the guy behind Oakley.

Expedition XI

Just got back this evening from an all day outing with the team from our Chinese Church. We led them to show them our OA Ministry efforts at Sang Lee. They helped conduct a two-hour mandarin tuition session. Why mandarin you ask? Well, the local Chinese school was helpful enough to let them attend class and offer them extra classes after school. Anyways, we also took them to see the interior villages. The Sungai Dalam track was in great shape and we were flying in at rally speeds. We also found a great coffee and roti bakar place at Bentong town.

Anyways, while tuition was being conducted, KW and myself took some time to head into Sinai Baru just to check up on them. That trail has always been tough and I managed to put a second dent in the front skid plate under my left tire. Anyways, since there was only two of us, we got some great action sequences. Only got time to do three, need to wake up early tomorrow for airport shuttle service!

Zoom & snap method – no Photoshop!