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Don’t Panik 2006 in Pictures [3/3]

Egg basket, time it for 3 minutes!
Kopi Kampung – a unique blend
A delectable spread!
Nice and lovely…
Of love and sunflowers…
Pure fun!
The inviting river
Sunday mail…
Rangers lead the way!
Saturday rip and replace…
Fording the rivers…
The gift of Sacrifice
Waiting for the arrival of the guests
Apple Pie Day!

Don’t Panik 2006 in Pictures [2/3]

Final Call!!!
Onami – Yummi!
Dancing water at the Bellagio, Las Vegas
Travelin’ in style!
Hiking down the Grand Canyon!
After 13 hours, this is a welcome sight!

Finally it’s Friday!!!

Putting my feet up at Hong Kong!

Finally ready at 2kg!
Fish are friends? Or Food?
Spot a typo on the agenda?
The most beautiful woman in the world is the one who loves me!
Curry wan-tan meen! Simply divine!
September 2006
Churn for 20minutes in the Kenwood…
Can you smell the fire within?
One D2 coming right up!
A wet, wet stop at Machap…
Quite packed even at 11pm…

Don’t Panik 2006 in Pictures [1/3]

Ain’t she a beauty!
Would you like a drink?
Colorful! Cookie-licious!
Have a Canon New Year!
Drunken master bottle anyone?
Making stars…
Time to body-slam the fireworks?
How big are they?
Cool stuff for 2006!
The wedding car…
Sweet chocolate ending. Yum!
Mud churner…
Now showing at GSC Mid-valley megamall!
Green capsicum

What a weekend…

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A packed weekend that was a big big wedding day and night followed by a Christmas Eve dinner and Dinner (yes, two dinners in ONE night!)… Utterly zonked.

Sign the guest book please…

A pre-Christmas nite…

icon_ltgray_open_quote Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. icon_ltgray_close_quote
~ Isaiah 7:14