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Nikon Coolscan III (LS-30) screwed!

Looks like my Nikon Coolscan III or LS-30 film scanner finally bites the dust! After two months in the service center, I get back a cryptic report saying they fixed the problem, cleaned up the sensors and all but it breaks again after the fifth frame I was trying to scan. I called up the center’s number and get the real explaination: “There is no fix!” Oh heck.

Bloody floppy drive

Supposedly in this time and age one can get by buying a fancy new PC without one of these archiac things… NOT!

And why doesn’t Windows XP‘s setup allow some other media when you press F6 to install some silly storage driver? CD based or even flash card would be nice. Looks like you still need them.
So hope Alice is able to install the Silicon Image drivers on her spanking new Abit NF7-S